PE & Sports Provision

We have a specialist PE teacher who develops the children's skills in each area of sport and gives them opportunities to develop their skills. Each half term they develop a particular sport eg hockey and are taught skills to build up to playing matches. We are involved in lots of tournaments with the Lune Valley Cluster and the children enjoy participating these. We direct children with talents in particular sports to clubs outside school.


Children in KS2 attend swimming lessons at a local pool in the summer term.

Last year ( 2023) 100% there were no pupils in Y6 to report on swimming attainment..


In the academic year 2022-2023, following the additional PE and Sports funding provided by the government and allocated to Tatham Fells Primary School, we saw the following:

  • improved involvement of all children  in physical activity at break, lunchtime and after school
  • an improvement in playground behaviour and engagement following installation of a swing set and slide on the school grounds..
  • enhanced involvement in sports clubs at lunchtime with a sports clubs.
  • increase in children taking up sports outside of school due to identification of talent and encouragement of the teacher from high quality lessons.
  • awarded gold sports award for sporting involvement
  • All pupils in Y1-6 engaged in at least 1  inter schools sports competition
  • opportunities for different sports children wouldn't necessarily experience-- archery lessons
  • successful year working with the Lancaster and Morecambe Sports partnership which increased the range of inter school sports. Children gained a great deal of confidence in and acrobatic competition.
  • KS2 all took part in a dance workshop with Ludus dance company.

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that developments are sustainable by providing professional development opportunities for all teachers and we have used the funding to further develop the leadership of our subject leader

Further to our self evaluation of PE and Sport provision during the academic year 2022-2023, priorities for improvement have been identified for 2023-2024. 

  • To give children a wide range of opportunities to try sports not available to them in the local area.
  • To identify children with potential in particular sports and provide them with contacts to develop their talents.
  • To give all children opportunities to engage in sport daily.
  • to develop all pupils mental health and wellbeing through physical activity
  • To ensure high quality and easily accessible playground resources are available to the children.
  • To encourage confidence, leadership and resilience in our pupils .
  • Broaden our network to be part of a schools sports partnership providing more sporting events for all pupils
  • increase PE sessions throughout the school to at least 2 hours per week.
  • Ensure children feel confident and proud in competing as a team by providing the correct kit for different sports.
  • Develop all childrens potential in outdoor and adventurous activities(whole school).

In order to implement these priorities we will fund:

  • High quality sports instruction to develop pupils and model good practise for staff
  • playground equipment and the accessible storage facility to house it.
  • After school/  lunchtime sports club open to all.
  • targetted annual reporting to parents and directing children to sports clubs locally according to their talents.
  • Sports leadership training for Y5/6 pupils.
  • wellbeing support programme for all pupils eg , yoga for kids
  • Continue as part of school sports partnership and participate in a wide range of sporting opportunity.
  • fund / contribute to the cost of outdoor and adventurous activities- Isle of Man Y5/6 Barwick Hall Y3/4 1 night residential, Rec-Y2 1 day Borwick Hall.


Tatham Fells CE Primary School, Lowgill, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 8RA