At Tatham Fells CE School, Art is taught with great enthusiasm and creativity. The children are taught skills to enable them to show their own creative flair, experiment with different mediums and use their knowledge of different styles to create their own works of art. The children discover interesting facts about artists, architecyd snf designers and enjoy independently researching.

We use sketch books to record observations, evaluate our work and suggest ways for improvements. We develop our skills through the use of colour, texture, line, pattern and shape. We are keen artists at Tatham Fells CE School and proud of our creativity and imaginative work. 

Our curriculum covers:

  • Drawing,
  • Painting,
  • Sculpture,
  • Printing,
  • Textiles,
  • Clay,
  • Collage.

Tatham Fells CE Primary School, Lowgill, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 8RA