At Tatham Fells CE School, we encourage the children to use their curiosity to find out about the past. Our children love learning History, they like to ask questions, use evidence to help find out about the past and we promote critical thinking from all children. We embed History using a rich vocabulary for the passing of time, learn about the chronology of key historial events and use a range of ways of finding out about the past.


Our Curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Kings and Queens,
  • Ancient Greece,
  • World War II,
  • The Shang Dynasty,
  • The Romans,
  • The Stone Age to Iron Age,
  • The Tudors,
  • Vikings, Anglo saxons and Scots,
  • The Early Islamic Civilisation. 

Tatham Fells CE Primary School, Lowgill, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 8RA